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Travology is the leading travel technology and business consultancy based in the UK. As travel technology experts and IT consultants, we specialise in helping travel companies to find the right technology to provide cost and efficiency savings, improve sales and compete in today’s fast-changing marketplace. Founded by Andy Boyce in 2002, Travology provides a unique mix of business experience and technical knowledge built up from working in various roles within different travel businesses.  Whatever your requirements, we can help you with everything from choosing the right travel CRM system to rolling out dynamic packaging

We have an impressive track record of helping Tour Operators, Hotels. Travel Agents, OTAs, and Airlines find the right technical solutions to meet their needs.  Since 2002 we have helped numerous travel businesses to select and implement the right solutions. Our team has worked in the travel industry, across numerous functions and we fully understand the travel business including the challenges involved in finding the best travel technology solutions.

Technological innovation and digital transformation are at the heart of driving success in today’s travel industry. Many businesses are faced with an increasing level of competition and distribution challenges and choosing the right tech partner is critical to success.

Our blend of industry expertise and deep technical understanding allows us to help companies find and successfully implement systems which make a stepped change to business performance. Our IT travel consultants are the catalysts for driving change, which often results in enhanced distribution, increased revenue, cost and efficiency savings and improved customer service.

Whether you’re looking for advice on how to upgrade your back office system or reservation system or whether you’d like a full technical audit as part of a mergers and acquisitors due diligence process, we have the people and expertise to help

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