Reservations, Packaging and Selling Systems

When the time comes for your business to start looking for new travel technology solutions you will find the market awash with suppliers that claim that they can meet your needs.

You may be in a position where you have a legacy system that does not do what you need it to, it is restricting your business and most of the things you need to do are now performed in other systems or Excel files.

You may be a new company looking to launch your business and want all of the functions and flexibility that a new system can bring, on-line booking through your website, real time management information and accounts, packaging and integration to 3rd party suppliers for flight, accommodation and other products.

Whatever your position you will face the same challenges, and the key is to identify your business requirements and choose the right travel technology system at the right price.

On the technical side, you will want to ensure that the system will be scalable for the future, not grind to a halt when more than 10 people access it at the same time and integrate it with your other systems to ensure that you don’t have data stored in different systems.

Choosing the right system is not just about seeing a few PowerPoint presentations and a quick demonstration from a couple of companies that you have found on the internet. It’s about going through a proper, tried and tested process to select the most suitable system and supplier.

If you short-cut this process you will almost certainly pay the price further on down the line when either the system doesn’t do what you thought it would and you have to spend a significant amount to develop it, or when it is not installed on time and your staff and customers start to lose faith.

Travology has extensive experience helping travel companies to find the right technology and our tried and tested process of selecting a suitable supplier will ensure that you get a system that does exactly what you need it to, on-time and within budget. A little investment at the beginning guarantees no surprises further on down the line.

If you are looking for a new travel technology system, contact Travology today for impartial advice on how we can help you.