Travel CRM Systems

A Travel CRM system (short for customer relationship management) is software that allows travel agents and tour operators to effectively manage their customer’s lifecycle. When implemented and used correctly, travel agency CRM systems can increase engagement during the booking process, provide a richer customer experience whilst on holiday and ultimately increase retention rates when the customer returns.

What are the benefits of a Travel CRM System?

• Increase conversion rates and revenue by better understanding your customer’s needs, travel history, and preferences
• Increase customer lifetime value by understanding the end-to-end customer life cycle, from enquiry to sale
• Develop a single customer view (SCV) across all touch-points and marketing channels
• Win life-long loyalty by providing personalised customer experiences that drive real value
• Centralise multi-channel communication e.g. phone, email and live chat communications with customers
• Deliver remarkable and memorable customer experiences from initial enquiry right through to post-trip feedback

How do Travel CRM Systems work?

Travel CRM systems retain information about customers who have made enquiries or booked with you before, including their demographics, likes and dislikes and marketing activity all in a single customer view (SCV). This gives you the tools to ensure that you can properly communicate and service your customers and secure future business using online and offline marketing techniques. It can also improve the productivity of your sales consultants by quickly identifying customers when they contact you and providing key information about them at your fingertips.
A travel CRM system will not only allow you to store essential information but can then be used to produce lists of customers for targeted mailshots or ensure that when customers enquire with you again you treat them as a ‘personal’ customer; something as simple as knowing that one of the party is a vegetarian may be the difference between them booking with you again or losing them to a competitor.

Finding the best CRM for Travel Agency

Travel CRM systems are highly complex and cater to all sorts of requirements, from large scale businesses to smaller, specialist companies. To ensure that you maximise your marketing spend and generate the very best conversions, a travel CRM system is an essential part of your system set-up. With so many solutions on offer, it can be difficult to select the best product for your business and this is where we can help you
Travology is an expert in this field, having helped many travel agencies and tour operators to find the right travel CRM solutions to meet their requirements and budget. CRM for Tour Operators can be very different from the requirements for Travel agency CRM. We understand this and have over 20 years’ experience in helping travel business find the right solution.
If you are looking to improve your customer interaction or marketing activity or considering upgrading your CRM system, contact us today for impartial advice on how we can help you.

What is the best Travel CRM Software for Tour Operators?

Tour operators understand the importance of a fully integrated and scalable travel CRM system and CRM software is no longer seen as a “nice to have” but as an essential component of any successful travel business.  However, with so many options available, how do you know which CRM system is the right solutions for your business?.  Some of the larger, multinational Travel CRM solutions may be suitable for large and well-established travel businesses but that doesn’t mean that they will be the right choice for every travel agency or tour operator.

At Travology, we have reviewed the functional capabilities of all current travel CRM solutions and can provide impartial advice on which CRM system will meet your needs.  Because we’ve evaluated the CRM characteristics and functions specifically for travel industry clients (both large and small) we know we’ll be able to help you to select the best CRM systems for Tour Operators.

Common functions of Travel CRM software

A travel CRM system for tour operators, travel agents and travel businesses typically has the following key functions:
Lead, opportunity and pipeline management 
This enables the business to track new and existing leads and opportunities and ensure that they are managed, followed up and tracked to maximise the opportunity
Automated workflow
The travel CRM solution can automate and execute actions and tasks to maximise opportunities and limit the manual requirement on staff
Single customer view (SCV)
A single view of customer records including their personal details and preferences, previous interactions, quotes and bookings and details of marking activity
Analytics, Customer Insight, Management Information and Reporting
A full suite of reporting tools and database queries to analyse and report on the customer base, effectiveness and success of campaigns and activities
Marketing and Campaign Management 
Sophisticated tools to facilitate the building and execution of marketing campaigns using the customer database