Websites and Online Booking Systems

The internet has undoubtedly been responsible for the huge change in the way that people research and book their holidays.

With the uptake of home broadband in the UK hitting record levels and mobile technology being widely available this will only increase and it is therefore essential for travel companies to be able to offer their products for sale through a fully bookable e-commerce website.

Unfortunately, unlike many products sold on the internet, travel is highly complex and to make it successful it is imperative to offer the latest up to date information, availability and prices.

Technology is the key to enabling online distribution. A fully integrated online solution will eliminate the need for dozens of staff manually processing web bookings, as well as disappointed customers who thought that they had made a firm booking.

Travology has implemented full eCommerce solutions for a number of travel companies to enable the selling of traditional packages to highly complex tailor made holidays and dynamic packages.

Getting your website working is the first part. You then need to make sure that your travel website is visible through offline and online marketing, both paid for and ‘free’, e.g. search engine optimisation (SEO).

If you are looking to improve your existing website or are starting from scratch, contact us today for impartial advice on how we can help you.