Destination Management Systems

Travology has unrivalled experience in implementing, supporting and developing destination management systems and infrastructures.

Starting back in 1997 Andy Boyce was responsible for the installation of new computers and a resort based reservations system for Sunworld Holidays, later to become Thomas Cook Tour Operations.

Prior to this, the overseas resort offices were working with paper based systems and reservations information being sent from the UK by telex and fax.

The project involved developing a computerised reservations system to allow resort staff to manage customers on the ground; this included producing rooming lists, manifests and other supplier documentation and managing and updating bookings. Alongside this, a new computer infrastructure was installed in over 125 resort offices from Cuba to Sri Lanka.

Today Travology looks after the IT requirements in overseas offices for several tour operators.

A recent project also involved project managing a new hotel reservations and point of sale system for a large UK Tour Operator.

Having worked as overseas staff, we have a vast amount of experience in this area, understanding both the technical and operational challenges that this work involves.

If you are looking for a new resort/destination management system or service please contact us to see how we can help.