Travel CRM Systems – Customer Relationship Management Systems

A travel customer relationship management system, known as CRM is an essential requirement for today’s successful travel businesses.

Such systems retain information about customers who have made enquiries or booked with you before, their demographics, likes and dislikes and marketing activity all in a single customer view (SCV). This gives you the tools to ensure that you can properly communicate and service your customers and secure future business using online and offline marketing techniques. It can also aid your sales consultants by quickly identifying customers when they contact you, and providing key information about them at your fingertips.

A CRM system will not only allow you to store essential information, but can then be used to produce lists of customers for targeted mail shots, or ensure that when customers enquire with you again you treat them as a ‘personal’ customer; something as simple as knowing that one of the party is a vegetarian may be the difference between them booking with you again or going to a competitor.

Travel CRM systems are highly complex and cater for all sorts of requirements for large scale businesses, to a small specialist companies. To ensure that you maximise your marketing spend and generate the very best conversions, a travel CRM system is essential.

Travology is an expert in this field having helped many companies to find the right travel CRM solutions to meet their requirements and budget.

If you are looking to improve your customer interaction or marketing activity, or considering upgrading your CRM system, contact us today for impartial advice on how we can help you.