Andy Boyce

Andy Boyce – 20+ successful years for Travology

Andy Boyce founded Travology, the Travel Technology Experts 18 years ago and in that time has successfully implemented more than 100 travel technology solutions for travel organisations of all sizes around the world and is now the leading independent travel technology consultancy.

Travology’s success is down to its unique knowledge of the travel industry and the travel technology solutions in the market. This blend of knowledge and experience means that Travology can quickly identify the most suitable solutions for its customers and ensure that they are implemented on time and within budget.

Having helped all sorts of travel businesses from mass-market tour operators to specialist tailor-made, travel agencies, OTAs, airlines, hoteliers and ancillary service providers.

Travology also boasts the implementation of one of the most successful dynamic packaging systems over 16 years ago, when this was a completely new and leading edge concept in the market. In the following years Travology has implemented numerous dynamic packaging systems, helping many of today’s leading tour operators and OTAs on their route to building a new business model to support the changing dynamics in the marketplace.